Times are tough, show some love. Here’s what to do. Pick a couple of bad boys below. Print them out and hang them in your window (or send them to your local hospital, doctor’s office or nursing home) to show those hard-working lifesavers some love and appreciation. We need them to stay happy, healthy and more importantly sane.

No printer? No problem! There are also files for you to share on your socials.

Let’s support all of our medical staff and caretakers while remaining safely inside. You can do this!



What if we told you that you could save lives staying inside watching Netflix and eating pizza’s? Let’s be honest. It’s actually a dream coming true for most of us. It’s kind of like the grown-up version of getting a letter to Hogwarts. We just wished it would’ve been under different circumstances. 

Yet, you can still make a difference and flatten that curve. Be the naysayer. Be a lifesaver.

Download these posters to encourage others to become a remote hero too. Share them on a social media of your liking or print ‘em out and stick ‘em on your window.

Oh, and don’t forget to stay the fuck inside.

Stay Sane, Stay Safe saw the light of day on March 22nd after a friend, who works at a hospital, asked if we had an uplifting poster laying around for his colleagues. We didn’t, but could definitely have designed one for him.

In the meantime, Max (Lennarts) had a literal shower thought and afterwards immediately called his partner Menno (de Bruijn) to discuss that this could and should be bigger. That same day a website was launched called Stay Sane, Stay Safe. At that time, the website was still empty, so Menno called another friend, Ronald (de Leeuw), to come up with some texts to fill it up.

Max and Menno form the ultra-multidisciplinary design duo Studio Lennarts & de Bruijn, based in The Hague. Ronald has his own progressive text and communication bureau called overdeschreef.
The three of us liked working together so much, that we have been able to turn SSSS in a fully operating pro bono poster platform with over 1700 designs by creatives from over 82 countries.

BUT, this isn’t actually just about us, it’s also about you.

It’s about everyone of us.

We all feel helpless in this (first-world) madness.

Imagine what it’s like for people less fortuned than us.

Yes, we’ve got a shortage of beds, but we still have beds.

That’s why you have to stay inside.

Follow your heart, but use your head.

We wanted to share the right message and spread some love to the lifesavers out there.

At the moment we’re working around the clock to make a selection of beautiful posters that we can print and send to hospitals in the area (Netherlands).

This has been a project of

Studio Lennarts & de Bruijn + overdeschreef

With special thanks to Stroom Den Haag, Drukkerij Tielen, Kapitaal Utrecht, Graphic Matters, and hopefully many more to come.

In case you'd like to join this epos, or if you have anything else you want to share with us, holler at us via Stay Sane Stay Safe Email

Hold up!

Did you know you’ve got some superpowers?

You know, the ones that can save lives?
 You’ve got ‘em!
How do we know?

Well, we’ve heard that you’re a more than decent designer. And we’re in dire need of your aid to help save people from themselves in these crazy times called COVID-19 a.k.a. the corona virus.
People need to stay the fuck home so our lifesavers can do what they do best: saving lives.

This means that it’s our job as visual communication gurus to inspire people to stay at bay.
And that’s where you’ll come into play.

We want you to design posters to:
1 – Keep our lifesavers sane. Think happy and uplifting.
2 – Inspire the general population to stay safely inside

We’d like to call this campaign: STAY SANE, STAY SAFE.

Of course, your handle will always be mentioned on the poster, website and social media.
For us creatives these are also tough times, so this is the perfect way to save multiple lives with one design.

Download the templates here!

And submit your effort on the submission page
Eternal karma for your soul,

Team Stay Sane Stay Safe

p.s. if you have anything you want to ask or share > Stay Sane Stay Safe Email

Why isn’t my design up, yet? / Why was it taken down?
Well, maybe it actually was up for a brief period of time. We don’t curate much, because we’re not the ones who decide what’s pretty design or not, but we do curate on a great message that is well put together visually. Also, we don't need any of that racist or other divisive stuff! So, if your design got taken down, bummer, but definitely go back to the drawing board. As you can imagine we can't comment on all of your designs why they got taken down. Deal with it and don’t forget to kill your darlings!

Wait, what does that red SICK label mean?
SICK is short for staff pick. It’s also a word with a negative connotation initially, but flipped into something great, like savage. Classy. Bougie. Ratchet. It’s also kind of ironic to use sick on a positive poster platform regarding COVID-19, don’t you think? Anyway, in this case it means that these are the designs that we absolutely love at the moment. We try to change them up every now and then. We do this to showcase what we would love to see contentwise. A qualitative inspiration for those who’d like to submit, but also to lure people in further who visit the platform for the first time. Yes, we’re sneaky little fuckers.

Hold up, what are you going to do with my work? I don’t see anything about rights or whatsoever.
Calm down, Erin Brockovich! All of your works are still yours, we don’t temper with that shit. There’s a reason why we link back to you and give credits on the posters as well. Our third goal of this entire project was to give you something to do besides Animal Crossing plus to help you maybe get a gig or two out of it.
What we might do is share your poster on social, send it to media outlets or get it printed for public space. If it’s something big or if we need you to change something about your poster, we’ll let you know! Also, we will never sell prints of your poster without your consent. We value transparency and trust in this community!